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Notes from the Studios - News from the companies of Canfield Design Studios

Canfield Design Studios, Inc.

The leader in graphic design, web and
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The Swimming Paintbrush

Stationery & Gifts
with a
Fine Art Flair!

KC Shepard Art

Featuring the
Fine Art Work of
Kathy Canfield Shepard

May 2011

Celebrating the Arrival of Summer!

As Memorial Day arrives, we celebrate the coming of the summer season with several new projects, as well as highlight some of our other favorite products and artwork.
  • In our Canfield Design Studios division we highlight the launch of two more new website projects, and include our most recent special offer.
  • The Swimming Paintbrush® features our artwork just for children - perfect for any child's room!
  • In our KC Shepard Art section, we celebrate the changing of the seasons by highlighting one of our favorite works.
PLEASE ALSO NOTE: From July 12-31 we will have limited email and phone availability. We will be working during this time, but due to travel plans, it may take longer than usual for us to respond.

We wish you all the very best for the beginning of summer, and look forward to hearing from you!

Kathy Canfield Shepard, President
Canfield Design Studios, Inc.

La Dolce Vita Wine Tours

AMB Clarinet

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Canfield Design Studios, Inc. A Website Redesign for
La Dolce Vita Wine Tours

La Dolce Vita Wine Tours is a boutique tour operator founded in 1999 that offers educational wine vacations in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Canfield Design Studios designed the original website about eight years ago, and we are proud to announce the launch of the upgraded version!

The tours of La Dolce Vita aren't simply about stellar wine and gourmet food. They're an entry point to Italian culture. Wine is a magnificent portal. It's a door that leads to the world of the winemaker: equal parts farmer and artist, scientist and alchemist.

Visit the site to learn more >>>

Announcing AMB Clarinet:
Clarinet Choir Arrangements
by Anthony Brackett

We are proud to announce the launch of AMB Clarinet - a website featuring the clarinet choir arrangements of Anthony Brackett. These transcriptions are approachable by most clarinet choirs and are scored for Eb clarinet, Bb clarinets 1-3, alto clarinet, bass clarinet and Eb contra. Also included are alternate parts for basset horn in place of alto clarinet, and Bb contra in place of Eb contra. All of the arrangements are graded the level of difficulty for each piece as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced, and are available at the new website for sale.

Visit the new website now >>>

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Two FREE hours of website maintenance
During the month of June, get a certificate for two free hours of website maintenance when you engage Canfield Design Studios for your new web design project - a $260 value!
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Children's Art

Children's Art

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The Swimming Paintbrush FEATURED PRODUCTS:
Artwork for Children!

These whimsical works of art are the perfect touch for a child's room. Ten different toy block images are available, as well as a complete line of customized prints, including a child's name and date of birth. Perfect for new parents or a baby's room!

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Click here to order children's custom name prints >>>

10% discount on any children's
custom name print

Phone and email orders only, through July 1st, 2011
Email us or call 212-243-5295 to place your order.
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This Month's Featured Artwork:
The Seasons

"The Seasons" began as a circle extending over four sheets. Each panel represents a season, but as in life, there is no distinct cut-off from one season to the next. Elements of "Spring" are beginning to show in "Winter" and remnants of "Winter" still remain at the edges of "Spring."

"The Seasons" reflects the yearly circle of growth, decay and rest, and rebirth. In "Spring," mere threads of green burst into brilliant flower-like forms as they reach and extend beyond the limits of the circle. "Summer" is an exuberant struggle of colors that almost overwhelms the blue of sky and water. "Fall" is a maelstrom of melted scarlet; touches of white presage winter's arrival. "Winter" has a severe and icy quality that is served well by the watercolor medium.

Each section is 20" x 30"
Completed in 2003

KC Shepard Art

KC Shepard Art highlights the artwork of Kathy Canfield Shepard.

Full website portfolio coming soon!

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