"Kathy Canfield is not the kind of artist who allows her creativity to control HER. She really listened to ME and turned my ideas and words into pictures that tell people exactly what I do and how I can help them succeed. My site has allowed many high level professionals, including lawyers and high ranking government officials access to me. I have been hired sometimes because of the look of my site compared to others."

     — Batt Johnson, Executive Communication Consulting

"What is it like to work with Canfield Design Studios? Sheer bliss! Kathy is that rare bird - a fine artist who puts her considerable skills in the service of your dreams. She is a consummate professional. Not only is her work highly imaginative and skillful, but her business is run impeccably as well. Kathy meets her deadlines and helps you meet yours. She returns messages promptly. She supports the technically impaired with her highly honed computer skills and "Yes," she even talks on the phone! Working with Kathy is a collaborative joy. You will be backed up by the best. I recommend her unreservedly!"

     — Jane Kosminsky
         President, THE BALANCE OF WELL-BEING
         Dance Faculty, The Juilliard School

"I have only the highest praise for Kathy Canfield Shepard and the work she and the Canfield Design Studios team have done for me and my website. Her designs are extremely creative and unique, and I remain impressed with her imagination and professionalism. She is very dedicated to her craft and takes good care of her clients. I know that requests, questions and updates will be attended to in a timely fashion. In addition, she is someone who has a keen awareness of details and the big picture at the same time. I feel so comfortable working with Kathy as I know she always keeps my best interest at heart in her choices and decisions, and the quality of her work is always outstanding in every way."

     — Catherine Cho, Violinist

"Working with Canfield Design Studios to upgrade my website was an easy and fun experience. With their creativity, eye for design, and knowledge of the medium, they helped me translate my brand message into a website I can be proud to send people to."

     — Susan Onaitis, President
         Global Learning Link

"Kathy is awesome! Not only do I love my website, but there has been a steady stream of compliments from many who have visited my site. In addition to being one of the most genuine and trustworthy people I have ever met, she is a responsive, considerate, intelligent and creative individual with great knowledge and expertise towards her art. As this is my first website, Kathy has been incredibly patient and flexible. Regardless of how minor my updates are, she is always prompt and happy to help me. I never would have imagined that putting a website together would be so much fun!"

     — Tien Hsieh, Pianist

"It's a pleasure to work with Kathy and Canfield Design Studios! Equally creative and practical, and a wonderful guide, she helps clients achieve marketing success. She views creativity as a team sport, and collaborates with her clients to achieve their goals—whether online or in print. I particularly appreciate Kathy's responsiveness and how easy it is to communicate with her."

     — Jude Jussim
         Principal, Jussim Communications

"Kathy is a pleasure to work with. She is open to hearing ideas and having collaborative relationships. Not only did she design beautifully and execute well, but she took a real interest in making my site the best it could be. Thank you Kathy."

     — Karen Gerstl
         Leap Strategies

"Kathy and her design team are nothing short of fantastic. An immensely creative and highly skilled professional, Kathy can be depended upon to deliver an outstanding product. I highly recommend the creative services of Canfield Design Studios."

     — Duff Batchelder, Managing Partner
         Management Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

"My experience working with Kathy Canfield Shepard and her design team was so successful that it has led me to give her the highest compliment - recommending her services to my colleagues. Kathy's approach to designing my website was systematic yet flexible. She learned about my company and asked the right questions to determine what I wanted my website to achieve. Once she understood my vision, she put her talents to work and designed my site with the look and feel that made it my own. Thanks Kathy, for your outstanding creativity and professionalism."

     — Joan Haberman
         Menus to Venues LLC

"It has been a pleasure working with Canfield Design Studios in creating my website. Like many, I had a list of things I wanted but did not have the picture of what it should look like. Sort of "I'll know it when I see it." Kathy did not make me feel like a computer ignoramus as we discussed what I wanted and what it could be. Canfield Design Studios helped me take my mental un-image and turn it into something that was there, in two dimensional form, for all to see. I have received many compliments on the site and through Canfield's expertise, I am constantly popping up at the top when people Google me. I heartily recommend them to anyone."

     — Kathrine Gregory
         Mi Kitchen es su Kitchen

"We had a site, but felt that it was time to update the look of it. Kathy listened to all of our needs and came up with an idea much better than one could have imagined. She brought design creativity in both layout of site and actual creation of the logo and look of the site. She was very aware that it should be simple to use and load quickly, and she kept the html language simple. She listened to our needs and produced something way beyond our expectations and our dreams. She's a great listener!"

     — Steve Tenenbom, violist
         Orion String Quartet

"Kathy has excellent design strengths and knowledge of web based languages. She is a musician and that makes a big difference for a school like ours. Kathy is very creative. We felt that it was advantageous that she was in the arts. She created something simple, but just what we wanted."

     — Terry Joshi, Director of PR and Special Events
         Hoff-Barthelson Music School

"Kathy is a for-real contemporary multi-tasker: a person who's not afraid to wear a bunch of different hats and excel at all of them! She brought a wonderful visual sense combined with programming expertise to the project."

     — John Clark, jazz hornist & composer
         Hidden Meaning Music

"Kathy created my website 3 years ago and updates it monthly. It's clean, to the point, no extemporaneous nonsense going on. The whole thing was her creation. She gave me three options. We both liked the one we picked. We got on the same page quickly. The personal attention I got from Kathy was fantastic – very Artist specific. I am busy and often cannot return calls, so having a website is very important. And – surprise – I sell records in Sweden or Indonesia off the site. Who would have figured?"

     — Jeff Kievit, trumpeter

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